Sunday, August 24, 2008

Work In Progress at! My friend Lora wrote up a great article in her blog on the evening and added some photos. I'm so pumped on it! I am still trying to locate photos from the night and I will do a full story on it when I get everything together. Sorry...

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

WORK IN PROGRESS 4 is confirmed for August 15, 2008. It is back and man... it's going to be a great one. Celebrating 20+ years of Skateboard Art and the art of the paint pen! We are banding together the all star cast of artists from our previous shows... Ruckas, Cutter, Tim Ramirez, Anika Youcha, Heather Hannan, John Burke, Rich Goodwin, Ryan Haworth, Meagan Schwartz, The Anomaly Boys, Willie McMillon, Evan Grainger and Mike Teirney. The best of the best... it's happening! Each person will have there own personal blank skate deck and they will start creating there piece starting at 6:00 pm. They will have roughly 4 hours to complete their project. There will also be a silent auction going on for the duration of the show with starting bids around $60-$70... so bring your wallets and show these artists some love. We will have food from Back Country Provisions, booze from The Brew Pub and hopefully Red Bull ad Vodka, possibly support from my buddy Rhette (Bacardi, Jack Daniels), Mark from the Boardroom is donating some boards, Igneous is donating some longboards, Jeff Grainger is letting me use his shop space for the evening. My friend from Salt Lake (Good Times Tattoos), Thai Lee is going to inject some ink into my good friend Dustin Varga. That has been a Work In Progress for the last 2 years! We will also have a DJ spinning some sort of appropriate beats. I am very excited for this years event and I am looking for the blowout crowds that the event is known for. Come check it out! Get in touch with me at the shop or email me at See you there!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Work In Progress coming August 15, 2008... look for updates soon!

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Originally conceived by Rocky Vertone and Todd Gillman...An Exploration In Creative Collaboration. The second installment of a multi-talented group of artists converged on Full Circle Frameworks, a small picture frame shop in Jackson Hole and once again blew the doors off of the normal Jackson gallery scene. Cheese and way! Fueled by Vodka and Red Bull with beef and chicken sate skewers the public was in for a night of artful bliss.

Rich Goodwin, Ryan Haworth, Heather Hannan, Brian James, Ben Pierson, Megan Schwartz, and Anika Youcha were the featured artists for the evening. They each worked on a portion of a "canvas" cut from a piece of masonite. Each of the artist's took photos around town, then took the best of photos and created a photo collage which was then loosely traced on 7 20" X 60" panels. They had about six hours to complete their panels amidst the 300 people people who attended. Even beyond all of the artistic madness, we had Thai Lee from Susie M's Tattoo in Salt Lake slap some ink into Jackson's own tattoo cladded Dustin Varga! The pieces were finally finished, then the panels were screwed together to form a 7 sided rotating cylinder standing about 4 feet wide by six feet tall. 7 different styles and personalities captured into one piece.

The piece is up for sale and part of the proceeds will go to a couple of non-profits in Jackson Hole. For more information on the piece or how to get in touch with the artists, call Rocky @ 307-733-0770 or come by the shop. We'll see you at the next event!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2005


On Friday, July 15, 2005, 7 artists & 300 guests converged on a small picture framing shop & created Jackson Hole history. Full Circle Frameworks was converted into hip gallery space to display 50 original works of art -- a minor miracle in itself. A 6-ft by 8-ft panel of masonite was transformed into an amazing original work of art in front of the crowd as they enjoyed complementary drinks & food courtesy of Red Bull & Burger Boat. A mellow soundtrack to the evening was provided by DJ King Weep of FOUR4 Productions.

While Jackson's western art scene is well-established, its underground art has remained under-exposed & its artists underappreciated. Until now. Wine & cheese were nonexistant, as were dress codes, cliche track lighting & the stuffiness that's typical to local art openings. This was an opening for the rest of us.

Renowned pro snowboarder Bryan Iguchi pretty much summed it up: "That was one of the most amazing things I've ever been a part of!"

Please scroll through all the photos from the night, including shots of the finished piece & shots of other displayed works of art from participating artists. While many of the works found new homes that night, many are still available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing an original work of art from one of the featured artists, please contact Rocky at Full Circle Frameworks ( for more information.


Please stay tuned to this website for information on future Work In Progress artshows!

Work In Progress 1 .. collaborative panel piece .. TAKE ME HOME & support a good cause!!.

photo: todd gillman

The original image used for the WIP collaborative project.

The artists pose with the finished piece.

photo: todd gillman

The following photos show detail of the finished piece. (all photos: todd gillman)

Iguchi detail.

Iguchi detail.

Babcock detail.

Babcock detail.

Duran/Candie detail.

Duran/Candie detail.

Jon Burke detail.

Parillo detail.

Willie McMillon detail.

McMillon detail.

all photos: todd gillman

Parillo & Babs post-event hanging beneath one of Babs' recycled pieces.

Rich Goodwin of The Community Project & Hillary look on as the panels of the collaborative piece are put together.

DJ King Weep. FOUR4 is in the house y'all ...

TGR bigwig Steve Jones looks on as Willie Mac makes a pretty picture just for him.

The vibe was just right at WIP. Sasha gets some sugar from Jules.

Jackson loc's ...

Packed room as the panel piece was unveiled.

Ramirez (Duran) & Dustin Varga (Russ)

Pretty pictures on walls.

Pretty pictures hanging outside with pretty people looking at them.

Adam Bebout is a pretty person.

So is Guch.

So are Tiff & Curt Morgan (Community Project!)

& Goodwin. Peace out brother.

Beware the Pillbot ...

Matt & Dustin from TGR upholding TGR tradition .. beer.

Mr. Burke. Artist.

Mr. Ramirez. Artist.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Last night was a late night. Again. Tim & Candice, Joe, Burke, & Willie all showed up at Full Circle with finished pieces for display. There is some beautiful art laying around this place! Rocky, Evan, & I spent several hours working on converting the cluttered frameshop & woodshop into a gallery space worthy of the art that's going to be displayed. We still have a ton of work to do today. Due to the size & complexity of the Work In Progress panel piece, most of the artists have expressed an interest in getting started on their panels early. Tim & Candice, Joe, & Jon Burke all got a head start last night, & the pieces are already beginning to take shape. The finished piece is going to be insanely cool!

*** Please be sure to check back here for pics of the finished piece & a link to the online auction. ***

The Work In Progress collaborative panel piece is adapted from this image which was projected & traced onto a huge masonite panel.

Joe Babcock from Fairfield, ID. Babs brought a ton of beautiful pieces for display/sale.

photo: todd gillman

Jon Burke working on his piece of the WIP panel project

photo: todd gillman

Tim & Candice are tag-teaming on one panel for the WIP. Tim relaxes & shouts orders occasionally while Candice actually gets the work done.

photo: todd gillman

Never a dull moment with this guy in the house ... McMillon.

photo: todd gillman

Admiring one of Rocky's pieces. This is actually a functional piece of art that will be used as a door in a beautiful mountain house here in JH.

photo: todd gillman

Adam Bebout from Red Bull.

photo: todd gillman

Checking progress on Burke's panel.

photo: todd gillman

Some of Jon Burke's finished pieces that will be displayed in the show.

photo: todd gillman

Duran & Candice artwork. Weird alien bar scene ...

photo: todd gillman

Tim taking a timeout to show us his mini-chop. This little thing is a blast to ride around town ...

photo: todd gillman

Babs & Parillo catching up ...

photo: todd gillman

Rocky hanging art for the show.

photo: todd gillman

Lining up 3 of the 6 panels to see how the project is coming along after only a couple hours of work ...

photo: todd gillman