Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Welcome to Work In Progress
Jackson Hole

The concept for Work In Progress was developed by Rocky Vertone, of Full Circle Frameworks & FOUR4 Productions, & Todd Gillman, of Red Bull. In an effort to bring the Jackson underground art scene to the attention of the community-at-large, Rocky & Todd worked closely with talented local artists to develop a unique exhibit format that is live, interactive, collaborative, & philanthropic. The show will happen on Friday July 15th at Full Circle Frameworks in Jackson.

Throughout the event, seven featured artists (Joe Babcock, Jon Burke, Bryan Iguchi, Willie McMillon, Mike Parillo, Tim Ramirez (Duran), & Candice Worthan) will each be working on their own portion of "canvas" cut from a 6'X8' piece of masonite. The artists agreed on a subject for the Work In Progress weeks in advance, & a crude outline of the subject was traced from a projection onto the masonite panel prior to it being cut into individual pieces. This strategy will ensure that the finished work will have the minimal continuity needed for it to match up when put back together. At the end of the event, the respective works will be collected & pieced back together, & then framed by Rocky -- each piece highlighting the individual & unique style of its creator, but still working within the context of the whole.

During the event, the soundscape will be provided by DJ King Weep of FOUR4 Productions, complementary food & booze will be provided by Burger Boat & Red Bull ... & the public will be encouraged to watch as phenominal art is created in front of their eyes. Additionally, finished pieces from each artist will be on display & for sale throughout the venue.

For one month after the event, the finished Work In Progress piece will be on display at Full Circle Frameworks at 335 N. Glenwood in Jackson, and on this website. An online auction will allow interested parties from all over to bid on the finished piece, with the proceeds being split between two local skateparks.

"Pay up, sucka!" WIP founder & host, Rocky Vertone, schooling Little Rocky in the arts of persuasion & collections.

photo: gillman

WIP guest artist from LA, legendary snowboard graphic artist, Mike Parillo.

photo: gillman

Jackson local, pro rider, & owner of Bluebird, Willie McMillon getting some last-minute work done on a piece to be displayed at WIP.

photo: gillman

Featured artist & snowboarding icon, Bryan Iguchi, corrupting Gizmo while taking a break from finishing a piece for the WIP.

photo: gillman

Jamie Lynn art hangs in the window while Willie hangs outside on the deck of his house in JH ...

photo: gillman


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